Flourishing Families provides:



Counseling Services

Embrace Healing

Develop Resilience

Cultivate Rest


Community Services

Education to Strengthen

Partnership to Serve

Resources to Support


Professional Services

Trainings to Equip

Supervision to Empower

Resources to Nurture


I delight in providing counseling services so that families can flourish. My desire is for families to experience wholeness, which often comes from a combination of focusing on the family unit and on specific relationships or individuals within the family.

I utilize evidence-based, developmentally appropriate, creative therapies and am passionate about helping families embrace healing, develop resiliency, and cultivate rest. I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and Registered Play Therapist. I have significant experience, hold numerous certifications, and bring high standards for ethics and care.



Embrace .



Develop Resilience


Cultivate Rest


Flourishing Families seeks opportunities to partner with the community to provide encouragement, strengthening, and support to couples and families. I want to develop partnerships in the community so that services can complement each other.

I enjoy opportunities for teaching and speaking, with an eye toward empowering families and providing encouragement. I offer classes and retreats as avenues for participants to learn new information and receive accountability for change. And I provide resources geared toward supporting parents and families (see my blog and instagram [coming soon]).



Speaking to Encourage


Partnerships to Serve


Resources to Support


Flourishing Families seeks to provide quality training, supervision, and resources for mental health professionals. I come alongside clinicians so they can flourish.

I believe that when clinicians are equipped, empowered, and nurtured, they are set up to thrive and are prepared to provide quality mental health services that help the families they serve heal and flourish.


Trainings to Equip


Supervision to Empower


Resources to Nurture