Flourishing Families provides:

Counseling SErvices

Flourishing Families delights in providing counseling services to the community so that families may flourish. I desire to see wholeness for the entire family, which often comes from a combination of focusing on the whole family unit and on specific relationships or individuals within the family. I utilize evidence-based, developmentally appropriate, creative interventions to help families embrace healing, develop resiliency, and cultivate rest.

Community Services

Flourishing Families seeks opportunities to partner with the community to provide encouragement, strengthening, and support to couples and families. I want to develop partnerships in the community so that services can complement each other.

Professional Services

Flourishing Families delights in providing quality training, supervision, and resources for mental health professionals. I come alongside clinicians so they can flourish. I believe that when clinicians are equipped, empowered, and nurtured, they are able to thrive and provide quality mental health services that help the families they serve heal and flourish.



Sharon Bryant, LMFT, RPT

Sharon Bryant, LMFT, RPT

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Meet Sharon

I believe each person’s story is sacred and that lasting change happens within the context of relationship. I seek to create a person-centered environment where people feel comfortable to heal or grow at their pace in the way that fits their specific needs. It is my hope to empower families to embrace healing in order to live life to the fullest. Specifically, with children, adolescents, and families, I focus on age-appropriate activities designed to holistically help people overcome difficulties, develop resiliency, and cultivate strengths for lasting change.

Sharon Bryant, LMFT, RPT, is the founder of Flourishing Families. She is certified in Child-Centered Play Therapy, Filial Family Therapy, Relationship Enhancement Programming, and Prepare-Enrich, and is an EMDRIA Approved EMDR Trained Clinician. She has presented twice at the National Institute for Relationship Enhancement (NIRE) national conference in Washington D.C., has taught as an adjunct professor, and has trained in a variety of settings. Sharon has co-authored a life-skills curriculum called Back on Track and has contributed to a marriage-enrichment program (“Couple Talk”), as well as a parenting book titled A Life Shared: Meaningful Conversations with Our Kids.

Who I serve:

I enjoy providing counseling services to a variety of people including children and their families, adolescents and their families, individual adults and their families, friendships, teams, and couples (pre-marital, and co-parenting). I enjoy working with Blended families, families that have formed through adoption, and families navigating cross-cultural settings (via Telehealth or in person). I also like working with graduate students who are studying counseling (and their families) as they seek to integrate the knowledge they are gaining. I love leading enrichment groups for couples and parents.

Areas I address:

I address a variety of issues including grief, transitions, stress, culture shock, resiliency, trauma, family conflict, parenting, divorce, step-family adjustment, pre-marital, team building, depression, anxiety, separation anxiety, phobias, PTSD, ADHD, ADD, and ODD.

Methods used:

Focusing on Attachment, Systems, Humanistic and Play Therapies, I utilize an assortment of experiential therapies in my work. Methods I use most often are Child-Centered Play Therapy, Filial Family Therapy, Relationship Enhancement Couples Therapy, Relationship Enhancement Family Therapy, and EMDR. I also enjoy use of Sandtray, Skills Teaching, Play-Based CBT, Bibliotherapy, Art therapies, TBRI, & Theraplay.

In my spare time:

I love spending time with my hubby playing games at a coffee shop or kayaking, and spending time at home with my three children playing “Chase” and “Find you.” I also seize moments to be in nature and to cross-stitch while watching the Red Sox play.

Licenses and Certifications:

~Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, IL, March 2015

~Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, KY, Oct. 2014

~Registered Play Therapist, National Certification, Sept. 2016

~Certified Child-Centered Play Therapist (CCPT), NIRE, May 2014

~Certified Filial Therapist, NIRE, Nov. 2014

~Certified Relationship Enhancement Program Leadership, NIRE, May 2014

~Certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator, Sept. 2011

~Child-Centered Play Therapist Skills Consultant, pending Dec. 2019

~Registered Play Therapist Supervisor, pending Jan. 2020

~Certified EMDR trained clinician, pending Feb. 2020

Professional Affiliations:

~Member of Association for Play Therapy, 2016–present

~National Institute of Relationship Enhancement (NIRE) Board Member, 2013–present


Do you work with insurance?

Yes, I am in-network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO plans. If you have insurance through another company, I am happy to provide you with a superbill so you can obtain reimbursement from your out-of-network benefits.


Flourishing Families accepts Chase QuickPay, check, or credit card. We also accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA) and Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Payment methods are secure and HIPPA compliant.

What does the therapeutic Process look like?

The therapeutic process varies depending on the particular needs of the family or individual. I may work with an individual child or adolescent, while also doing weekly or monthly parent meetings. I may work with the whole family together. Or I may work with an individual adult. Often, there are several factors contributing to one’s difficulties. Therefore, I believe it is helpful to work together to create a plan that fits the unique needs of the situation.

Do parents need to be present when their children or adolescents are being seen individually?

Yes. When the client is a minor, it is the policy of Flourishing Families that the parents (caregivers) remain in the waiting area for the duration of the session.


Free street parking is readily available on Wesley St. and Front St.

How do I get started?

Step one: Let’s set up a time for a FREE phone consultation.

~ Send me an email (click here) with the days and times that are best for you to talk on the phone. Do not provide information about your situation via email, as I cannot ensure confidentiality over email. I will email you back within a couple of days suggesting a time for us to connect.

~During that initial FREE phone conversation, I can learn more about your situation, discuss scheduling and financial logistics, and answer any questions you may have, to determine if we are likely a good fit for each other.

Step two: Fill out the paperwork.

~If we decide we are a good fit, you will receive an email with some initial paperwork. Please fill out this paperwork before your first appointment so that I can tailor the first appointment to your needs.

Step three: Come to the first session.

~The first session provides a time for us to get to know one another. It looks a little different depending on your family dynamic:

~Children and families: The first session is often with the whole family. We play games and do other activities that help me see family strengths and foster our getting to know each other. Activities are tailored to the age of the child. It is important to me that children do not see their therapist as a “principal” figure or connect therapy with “being in trouble.” Therefore, we do not discuss any of their specific difficulties in this first session. The atmosphere is light and the activities are fun. The second session is often with just the parents, and this is the time for the therapist to learn more details about the specific difficulties. From here, we develop a plan together to meet your child’s needs!

~Adolescents and families: The first session is often with the whole family. We play games that help me see family strengths and foster our getting to know each other. Games are tailored to the age of the adolescent. It is important to me that adolescents do not connect therapy with “being in trouble.” Therefore, we do not discuss any of their specific difficulties in this first session. The atmosphere is light and the games are fun. The second session is often with just the adolescent, and here we develop goals together. The third session is often with just the parents. At this point, we develop a plan together to meet your adolescent’s needs!

~Individual Adults: The first session is a time where you can learn more about me and can begin to share about your situation and what you are hoping to gain from counseling. Together we will fashion a plan to meet your needs!