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Trainings to Equip

Flourishing Families offers a variety of trainings. I seek to provide clinicians with new pathways for meeting their clients’ needs. Trainings are designed to equip participants with new skills, ethical considerations, and practical strategies to enhance service to clients. All trainings include an experiential component, so participants walk away having practiced some of the new skills they are learning. Most trainings also have a Systemic focus as well.

Flourishing Families is an APT-approved provider, and I am an experienced clinician. I work to cater the trainings to a variety of learning styles. We also have a lot of fun! See below to subscribe to a quarterly newsletter so you can receive updates on upcoming trainings. Future trainings we hope to offer include Child-Centered Play Therapy, Filial Family Therapy, Family Play Therapies, and more.

Hope you can join me for the next training!

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Supervision to Empower

So much to learn—where does one start? Whether you are a new intern or a seasoned clinician wanting to expand your horizons, it can be overwhelming to try to juggle a bunch of new skills, laws, ethical guidelines, etc. Here at Flourishing Families I want to help you blossom by cultivating your strengths, helping you find your style, and developing your skills.

I am a LMFT and RPT, and am currently offering supervision for individuals seeking a Registered Play Therapy Certification (face-to-face, or distance). I also currently provide supervision for interns at Spring Tree Counseling. I am in the process of obtaining my RPT-S and my CCPT-S (both pending fall 2019).

Contact me ( to learn more about supervision options.

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Individual Supervision

I provide supervision drawing from Attachment, Systemic, Holistic, and Developmental Approaches. I seek to provide a Person-Centered supervision environment that creates relational safety and optimizes a supervisee’s ability to learn and grow.

I utilize strength-based techniques to gently empower clinicians to develop one step at a time, while also using shaping methods to challenge clinicians toward growth. I love using experiential methods like sandtray and art to help clinicians identify goals and explore their relationships with clients. I seek to enhance skills, increase knowledge, empower one’s therapeutic gut, develop professional identity, and encourage character development.


Group Supervision

Why just learn from you own cases? Why not hear others’ cases and questions as well so you can all learn together!

Group Supervision is a great way to learn and develop. Working from a Person-Centered, Systemic approach, I offer group supervision to help clinicians develop systemic and experiential approaches. In Group Supervision, clinicians are able to learn from each other’s cases, while also sharing current research and resources. We can also do some fun sandtray, art, and other experiential activities to help us look at our clients and ourselves in new ways.

Group settings also enable relationships to develop that can help provide insights into your relationships with clients. And it’s a fun way to gain understanding for how to engage in systemic change.


Resources to Nurture

Compassion fatigue and burnout are largely experienced by clinicians who are without the education or tools needed to meet the needs of their clients, and who are lacking in self-care.

Here at Flourishing Families I want to provide resources that give you the education and tools you need so that you can provide for the families you work with. I also want to provide resources that encourage self-care and balance so that you yourself can flourish!

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Partnerships with Organizations

Wanting a Play Therapy Room at your site?

Are you looking to hire a play therapist and need to setup a play therapy room? I would love to provide consultation to help you set up a room that will attract serious play therapists!

Need Quality Training or Supervision for your Employees?

Are you looking for quality training and supervision for your employees?

Do you have a play therapist, but they need some extra support?

I am delighted to partner with private practices, hospitals, agencies, and non-profits to provide support. And I do not want finances to be a hindrance for people receiving the training they need; therefore, trainings are given on a sliding scale fee to match your budget. Supervision is also performed on a sliding scale fee based on the licensure status of the supervisee. I am excited to work with you and your organization to help you meet the needs of your clinicians and populations.

Click here to send me an email so we can get connected.