Flourishing Families seizes opportunities to partner with the community to provide encouragement, strengthening and support to couples and families. We want to develop partnerships in the community so that services can compliment each other.


Speaking to Encourage

When we speak, it is in the spirit of empowering families and providing encouragement. There are a whirl wind of resources in books and social media telling parents what to do. We want to help empower parents to discern the information and make the best decisions for their family.

Sample Topics:

Counseling for Kids: What is Play Therapy and what are the options for children.

A Counselor and a Therapist: What I learned as a therapist that I am so thankful to know as mom, what I have learned as a Mom I am so thankful to know as a therapist.

Parenting from Freedom: Shedding guilt and embracing balance for the whole family.

What can I eat?: The journey to health with an atypical form of diabetes.

Partnership to Serve

Classes and retreats are places to learn new information and receive accountability for change. We offer services in office, and enjoy partnering with organizations in the community. Formats can vary from weekly classes, to weekend retreat formats.

Sample Classes/Retreats:

Filial Therapy: Learn how to have therapeutic play sessions with your kids. Increase attachment bonds and help increase your child’s emotional intelligence and resiliency skills.

Parenting Skills: There are lots of great books and resources out there and it can be overwhelming. Sometimes, focusing on the basic principles of development, communication, and boundaries helps provide a foundation to work from. Being in a community of support for the many challenges of parenting can help too.

Relationship Enhancement®: Focusing on communication skills, learn how to communicate honestly and respectfully. This class enables couples to share in ways that increase bonds, develop trust, and solve problems in a way that strengthens their teamwork.

Life Skills: Learn Relationship skills and Resiliency skills to tackle life from a place of support and strength. Yes, there are skills that you can develop that can make a difference! They have changed our lives, we would be excited to share them with you.



Resources to Support

Resources provide support to families via our blog (podcast coming soon).

It takes a village to raise a child, and a village to support parents. We want to be a part of your village. We hope the resources we share help meet your needs!

Sample Resources:

I Have a Wonder Blog: You know yourself and your kids better than anyone. We hope our blog provides you with ideas that you can use, or simply helps get you brainstorming what might be best for your family!

Parenting Books: With so many books to choose from, we created a reading list of some of our favorites. (see below)


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Parenting Books

Here are a few of our favorite Parenting books

~Screamfree Parenting by Hal Runkel

~Parenting from the Inside Out by Daniel Siegel

~Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel

~Connected Child by Karen Purvis

~I Love You Rituals by Becky A. Bailey

~ A Life Shared: Meaningful Conversation with our Kids by Ellen Martin

~ Parenting: A Skills Training Manual by Louise Guerney